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The food ecosystem is severely broken, with alarming challenges: feeding 9 billion people by 2050 with limited resources, a 13.6% annual food loss in the supply chain, 40% nutrient loss from over-exploitation since 1970, and compromised food security. A climate emergency looms. The food industry contributes 37% of GHG emissions, emitting 18 billion metric tonnes of CO2 annually. Despite meat and dairy supplying only 18% of consumed calories, they use 83% of farmland and cause 60% of agri emissions. Ocean temperature rise and overfishing forecast a 40% seafood catch decline by 2050. To combat widespread hunger, food production must surge by 56%. Plant-based demand rises, but adoption doesn't guarantee eco-system fixes. We risk over-exploiting crops and using ultra-processed formulations, driving up carbon footprints and unaffordable prices.

Our Vision

Led by Sustainability and fueled by ethical purpose, we strive to bring health, nutrition and taste on the same plate through farm to fork collaborative approach in an affordable way. 

How? Through our extensive network of expertise, access to state of art facilities (MFIC, RSSL, CPI, CAMPDEN BRI, A star, etc) and strategic institutional support(Innovate UK, Invest NI, LINK, Universities, IGFS, etc) we develop unique futuristic solutions such as plant-based ingredients/formulations, that are much more sustainable, ethical, nutritious and planet-friendly for mass market food manufacturers to more easily develop and launch in an affordable way within their existing facilities to cater the consumers seeking for tasty, healthy, nutritious and more affordable solutions to address the climate change.

We are working hard to fulfill these Sustainable Development Goals
proposed by the United Nations

The Problem

Giant food producers aim to maximize sales through high-volume, low-cost operations, prioritizing mass appeal. Despite the rise of plant-based products, they form a fraction of Nestle, Mondalez, Unilever's sales. Why the slow shift to alternatives, despite their planet-friendly benefits? The consumer market is growing but faces hurdles: taste, cost, supply chain, and awareness. Developing and launching alternatives is costly, time-consuming, and requires new infrastructure. Niche alternatives demand a strategy shift for mass consumption. Traditional food producers lack expertise due to institutional constraints and fixed practices. Change is tough due to entrenched supply chains and traditions. Limited agility stifles innovation; new product development (NPD) is expensive. Competitiveness hampers collaboration with research organizations beyond their reach.

The Solution

We're your solution. We streamline the process for food producers to create sustainable, ethical, plant-based products. Through our decentralized model, we tap into diverse expertise, crafting unique solutions licensed to manufacturers. As a back-end bio-engineering company, we develop core food ingredients from sustainable proteins—like seaweed-based shrimps, whole grain-based milk, and plant-based eggs. Our exploration includes algal, fungi, and cell-cultured solutions too.

Our superpowers lay in three areas

Finding the opportunity

by understanding the pulse of where the consumer market is gravitating towards by leveraging the access to database through IGFS, ASSET lab, retail chains etc. and set trends based on consumer behavioral patterns to complement purchasing attributes.

(bio engineering) the core products

in the form of sustainable formulations (shrimps/scallops from seaweed, plant-based milk, egg, etc) and alternative proteins (algal proteins with hydro colloids) that not only form the basis of our offerings, but that are good for the planet, people, while being affordable, and contributes towards sustainable development goals set by UN.


with strategic corporates to adopt, integrate these new products into their business-as-usual production process without heavy investments into new infrastructure.

Our Uniqueness

Our distinctiveness

Our distinctiveness lies in our knowledge (expertise), our operations (extensive network and strategic alliances), and our products (sustainable and affordable solutions). First, we are top-tier bioengineers skilled at simplifying sustainable solutions through collaborative approaches within the complex food ecosystem.

Our Focus

Second, we exclusively focus on end-to-end planet-friendly solutions, ensuring control over every aspect. This includes ingredient sourcing (planet-positive, ethical, and sustainable), taste/texture refinement (vetted by our in-house Michelin-starred chef), nutritional value (healthiness and contribution), and client adoption (easy, commercial, operational use for mass markets).

Strength Transformation

Our former weakness—lack of labs and facilities—has transformed into strength. As a bootstrapped startup, we creatively accessed expertise, grants, and lab time. Years of innovation and collaboration have forged strong ties with renowned research organizations and universities. We secured free access to cutting-edge research facilities at Medway Food Innovation Centre and a manufacturing facility at CAFRE's Food Business Incubation Centre, pioneering alternative food bioengineering. We seek to connect these facilities globally to fast-track innovation for addressing the climate crisis.

Our Team

Our team encompasses experts: biotechnologists, bioprocess engineers, smart alternative protein specialists, a Michelin star chef, and institutional alliance specialists. Lastly, we hold extensive IP rights, particularly for formulations of shrimps/scallops and plant-based milk from whole grains, along with eco-innovative seaweed proteins with hydrocolloidal properties and other groundbreaking projects.